Wedding Services

From Enquiry to Collection

Below you will find information with regarding everything you need to know about my wedding services including advice and tips. From your initial enquiry to booking, all the way through to your preview and to the collection of your album.

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Wedding Services Categories


It is advisable to contact your photographer in good time once you’ve set your date to enable a smooth transition between enquiry, consultation and booking.

After your initial enquiry, I will pencil in your names against your chosen date and always give you first refusal informing you immediately of any other enquiries that come in for the same date.

From here we will schedule a meeting to discuss your wedding, and the photography of, in more detail.

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Blind Bookings

I do give the option, and on many occasions, have secured a date without a consultation.

If you’re finding it difficult (due to personal commitments or distance from my studio) to meet in person, filling in simple online booking form and transferring a small deposit can secure your date.

This gives you the peace of mind your photographer is booked and is generally taken on by clients who have come from excellent recommendation or clients who have known me for a considerable time.

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Your Consultation

Your experience starts by entering my consultation studio which instantly wows and warms potential clients the moment they arrive.

During our initial meeting and introduction, with a welcoming drink, we get to know each other, establish a foundation and client/photographer relationship which goes beyond your wedding day.

A key element to choosing your photographer is having someone you are comfortable with by your side for the duration of your day.

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Timings & Itinerary

It is the photographers best intentions to advice you on the most appropriate schedule for the day.

I offer free advice and tips to make your day run as smooth as possible and an organise an airtight itinerary to make sure your day runs on time.

Using the ceremony time as the base of planning, I do so with the experience I have on the many traditions, ceremonies and venues I have had the pleasure of working with.

Based on your needs, preparation locations and coverage options I help structure your day’s itinerary leading up to arriving at your venue.

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Photography Style

Every photographer has their own style and creative concept, hopefully my online portfolio has already inspired you. During our meeting we will establish your preference and make sure you are happy with how your day is captured.

On display in the studio are plenty of sample albums and a 65” 4K TV to show you a variety of images from numerous Venues, Churches, and traditions giving the opportunity to see images relating to your wedding.

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Photographing weddings and the experience I've gained since 2005 I have a vast portfolio of recommendations from the best companies in the industry. I recommend those who I have had the pleasure working with and assure they give an excellent product and customer service. Some of the vendors and companies include:

  • Venues
  • Bands
  • DJ's
  • Wedding Organisers & Caterers
  • Florists
  • Videographers
  • Hair Stylists
  • Make-up Artists
  • Cake Designers and much more...

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Your wedding is as unique as you are and every individual would like their Wedding Photography Packages to be tailored to their own specifications and requirements. Set packages are scarce in today’s wedding market as every client has their own needs and no two packages are identical.

You will be amazed how I build your bespoke package using all the tools and software (I have personally designed) to generate a quote suited to you.

You choose all the elements from the options available to build your package including Coverage, Proofing Methods, Album and Album options. You are free to include as little or as much you like keeping within any budget you have.

There are No hidden Costs or Suprise 'add-ons'. Whatever you choose towards your package will be clear and broken down with prices in your printed quote and there will be no extras that you will not know about.

If you require an instant quote please fill in my Instant Quote Form and an email will be sent to you instantly.

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Package Options

Some of the options available to build your personalised packages are listed below, prices are laid out during the consultation.


Coverage includes anything from the Groom's House all the way up to the last dance and everything in between, the choice is yours how much you require capturing choosing from the options below.

  • Groom Preparations
  • Bride Preparations
  • Ceremony Coverage, Including; Family Portraits, Bride & Groom Portrait Session
  • Reception 
  • Up to 1st Dance
  • Up to Last Dance
  • Past Midnight

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Proofing & Preview Options

  • Proofing Books 
    • All your images presented in either a soft or hard backed A4 book for quick reference to your images.
  • Slideshows - Your images presented as a 2 slideshows. 
    • Both 1080p perfect quality for 4K TVs and Retina Screen Devices. Set to music and available, streamed, as a download, or saved on a USB.
    • Main Slideshow - One movie file with ALL your images from the beginning of coverage till the end .
    • Highlights Slideshow - A montage of a select few images incorporating your first dance song. 
  • Online Gallery & Shopping Cart - All packages include a free online Gallery
    • Share your special day with your friends & families, purchase prints, frames & Canvasses delivered direct to the buyer.
  • Online Album Proofing - Helping you seamlessly select and submit your images for your album.

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The rights to your images as High Resolution JPEGs as a download link or Saved to a USB

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My Wedding Albums are made by Queensberry, the finest bookbinders in the World. All the way from New Zealand, produced and delivered in under 2 months, Queensberry have an elegant and vast selection of options to choose from.

You have the choice of creating your album from the elements below during the initial consultation or opting for an entry level album and confirming the finer details during your preview.

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Album Options

  • Sizes
  • Page Styles
  • Cover Options
  • Cover Materials
  • Cover Colours
  • Parent Copies
  • Presentation Boxes & Cases

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Additional Options

  • 2nd Photographer
  • Photo Booth

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Incentives & Discounts

I have many incentives to offer which are automatically added to your package, some of these include;

Coverage Discounts

  • Up to 40% off Wedding Photography Coverage 
    • 30% off coverage for off peak dates
      • Monday to Friday
      • November thru February
    • 10% off coverage if we cover your Engagement Party

Web Order (Prints & Wall Products)

  • 10% off online web order for 1 month after your preview
  • Web Order Voucher Coupon for every client


  • Free Pre Wedding Studio Shoot.
  • Copyrights Discounts.

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Existing Client Rewards

As an existing client not only will you receive discounts & coupons for your online galleries you will also have substantial discounts and offers for further photography assignments beyond your wedding

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Free Post Wedding Studio Shoots

  • Maternity
  • Newborn
  • Family

Additional Photography Discounts

  • Christenings
  • Childrens Parties
  • Milestone Birthdays
  • + more
  • Corporate Events
  • Photobooth Hire

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I only require a small booking fee and have an easy payment plan to help pay the balance of your package assisting your cash flow in the run up to your Wedding.

I have a user friendly booking system, digital agreement signing portal and online account to help you keep track of your payments, receipts & paperwork.

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My aim is to ensure we conclude your consultation with a price you cannot refuse, a client/photographer bond which is unrivalled, and assurance in my skills and service to give you the best experience you deserve.

I usually cover all aspects of your wedding day, package, and price during our initial meeting... however If there is anything you are unsure about I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

I am widely available on emails, text, WhatsApp & telephone.

My personal service is undisputed and have a long and standing relationship with all my clients.

My images and ability to capture your special day are very consistent and can guarantee the results you expect.

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Once booked I am on hand to offer sound advice leading up to your wedding, Photography related or not. A photographer will experience every part of the wedding and I’m more than happy to discuss elements your your day and give recommendations.

This can be asked by email, phone or text or at our pre wedding meeting:

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Pre Wedding Consultation

Before your wedding we meet to discuss the finer details of your day.


We fine tune your schedule and itinerary so you are able to share this with your wedding suppliers including hair stylists and makeup artists, musicians, transportation and especially your family members.

Photo Requests

Any specific family photos are noted and executed through your day to make sure we don’t miss any VIPs and intricate details which you have chosen.

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Public Liability & Professional Indemnity Covered

As all business and professional photographers should be I am fully insured with £5m Public Liability Insurance ensuring I am covered to work with the guidelines of many venues who request it. My certificate of Insurance can be downloaded here.

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After your wedding you will be amazed with your preview!


You will be invited back in to my studio to view your images. Enjoyed with a refreshing cold or warming hot drink your memories will be presented as a slideshow in stunning 4K.

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Proofing Options

You will take home with you all your proofing materials which have been added to your initial package have have access to your online gallery to share your day and images with your friends & family. If you have included an album in your package you will have access to the exclusive Client Area on my website where you will be able to seamlessly select your images for your album using a state of the are album selection gallery.

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Album Proofing

Once your album has been designed you will be proof your album in the same client area. Here you will have the  ability to make requests to alter the design, add, remove or change images and amend colour tones or edits to your preference.

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Personal Service

I offer a service which I am renowned for and keep in contact with all my clients on a one to one basis personally answering all emails telephone calls and texts.

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Privacy & Security

Data Privacy

Keeping in line with new EU laws my company and your data is GDPR compliant. Your personal information is safe and secure an NEVER passed on or sold to third companies

Secure Files

Your images and memories are totally safe and backed up!

Returning to the studio after the wedding, without fail,  I immediately copy your images to my computer. From there I upload them to my 2 cloud services. In the morning my 2nd hard drive automatically boots up and synchronizes the main Hard drive duplicating creating 2 local copies.

In total I have four copies of all your images and files secure at any one time, including:

  • 2 Local Copies
  • 2 Cloud Copies

Even after your wedding, ALL images are safe, never deleted and kept indefinitely. To this day I have every image of every wedding I have ever shot since I started in 2004 including album designs should your album be accidentally damaged or destroyed.

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Model Release


Your wedding is your private affair. You have the right and option of choosing whether your images can or cannot be used for my portfolio and marketing.

During the booking process you choose where your images are to be used. You will have the option of selecting which portals will be used to market my business including:

  • Online 
  • My Website
  • My Blog
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Printed 
  • Albums and frames in my studio
  • Out of studio marketing including leaflets, magazines & banners
  • Passed on to your suppliers for their portfolio

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